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Multisensory Experience

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Enter a realm where your senses reign supreme. Immerse yourself in a symphony of scents, sounds, lights, and tastes, allowing you to feel a world of pure bliss and unparalleled wellbeing.

Awake your senses like never before.

Multimodal sensory stimulation is an effective, science-backed methodology to enhance overall wellbeing by a perfectly orchestrated stimulation of all your senses. Indulge in a harmonized world to see, smell, hear, taste, and feel the true essence of individuality.

Everything starts with our Portals.

Your gate to a world of multisensory experiences.

Our Portals are the gateway to immerse into a world of hyper-personalized and unforgettable multisensory experiences of your own choice.  Whether it is a desired mood that you like to experience, or the feeling of being in the middle of the Alps. With our screen free solution, you will embark on a journey of sight, sound, smell, and taste, allowing you to feel the sensations you desire.

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Peerless versatility.

Transform any environment into a multisensory zone.

Whether you're looking for a bespoke standalone masterpiece to add a remarkable element to your interior design, or seeking a discreet integration into custom-tailored furniture. Our Portals can seamlessly blend into any setting and elevate your sensory experience to new heights.

Bespoke with meticulous
attention to detail.

Unleash the ultimate expression of your individuality with our exclusive 1 of 1 bespoke Portals. Each masterpiece is carefully crafted by hand in our V-Studio in Graz. With inspiring creativity, extraordinary functionality, and limitless individuality, we combine cutting-edge technology with the most exquisite materials and precise Austrian craftsmanship.

Limitless design options.

Exquisite Fabrics. Exclusive woods. Finest Gemstones. Let limitless materials be your guiding muse.

The Sets

Our Sets are the nucleus of your FIVSEN Portal. Serving as the central hub for your multisensory experiences, all the necessary content is stored on it. With the utmost ease and elegance, effortlessly immerse yourself in your preferred sensory stimulation without the hassle of manually setting up lights, aroma, sounds, and culinary.

The experience activator.

Activate your perfectly arranged Set with your Portal and let your immersion begin. With multiple Sets in your deposit, you hold the ability to explore a variety of experiences tailored specifically to your desires.

Tailored for you.
Exclusively for you.

Every individual has unique needs and preferences when it comes to certain types of smell, light or sound. Therefore, we solely offer hyper-personalized Sets that are tailored to your personality and desires. To begin your sensory journey, our concierge conducts an expeditious profile and preference analysis. Our specialists then create a Set that is exclusively crafted for you. This way, you can be sure that every detail is perfectly crafted to provide you with an unforgettable sensory experience.

Mood Set

Enjoy a new realm of well-being by immersing in your desired state of mind.
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Element Set

Enjoy the power of the five elements and indulge in extraordinary moments of multisensory delight.
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