The epitome of individuality.

Visionaries forge ahead

Exemplifying the pinnacle of bespoke, our Co-build Service embodies the utmost essence of individuality. It is an exclusive and invitation-only service that beckons those with boundless creativity, inspiring vision and visionary thinking to embark on an extraordinary journey of designing and crafting your entirely unique FIVSEN Portal.

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A transformative journey of collaborative excellence.

Our Co-Build service has defied conventional notions of what bespoke manufacturing can be. Each Co-Build creation transcends the limits of imagination and embodies the epitome of authentic individuality, redefining the very essence of engineering excellence and bespoke craftsmanship.

Visionaries forge ahead

From creating an individual stand-alone design for your Portal that adds a striking accent to your interior, to crafting a hyper-personalized integration of our sense-stimulating elements within custom-designed objects. With our Co-Build service, your Portal becomes a canvas of self-expression, a manifestation of your discerning taste and uncompromising vision.

Unleash the extraordinary.

Co-build is an art of collaboration, where your ideas and inspirations intertwine with our expertise to create something truly extraordinary. Whether you desire a custom integration of our sense-stimulating elements into a yacht, or wish to transform a private aircraft into a flying multisensory oasis, our Co-Build service is your palette.

Crafted collaboratively with you, exclusively for you.

We are always committed to excellence in everything we do. With meticulous care, we handpick only the most exquisite materials and enlist the expertise of our skilled artisans to build each bespoke creation, adhering to the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship. Whether your discerning desires call for an exceptional work of art, poised to grace any interior with a resounding presence, or a refined design that harmoniously blends with the existing decor. Our illustrious offerings are meticulously crafted to cater to your refined preferences, elevating your sensory experience to unparalleled heights.

Where extraordinary visions become tangible reality.

Our Team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen work closely with you from the initial ideation, over the first concept sketch, over the manufacturing process to the finishing touches, ensuring that your desires are translated seamlessly into reality. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration, exchanging ideas and refining concepts until we achieve a Portal that surpasses your greatest expectations.